Saturday, September 11, 2010

Red White Apartment Interior Design

This is a design which is currently more booming.Red White Apartment Interior Design ne always like when people use the color white as a neutral in their interiors. It's great in combination with almost any other color and looks much more modern than a warm beige or similar. This 80 square meter apartment in Tel Aviv is a good example of how to add the red part for such decorations can be made not only modern but also harmonious.
Although it is only 80 square meters studio apartment makes a big impression. These are open spaces which are separated by glass walls and folding doors. Just one click of a button can make the bedroom more private by closing the window-glass windows. Because the dominant owner is not afraid there's a lot of red colored with it: in the living room furniture, kitchen furniture, beds and walls in the bedroom above it and several other smaller objects. Slim furniture cabinet is responsible for adding a sense of space for apartments.
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