Thursday, September 9, 2010

Inspiring Fresh home full color

This Inspiring Fresh home full color,Designed by Jordi Vayreda, this is a comfortable learning in shades of gray, green and pink are used for industrial building into two levels. Fortunately, recently went to make a full-on and now it looks like a bed of life and funny. It's amazing how adding a little color can really turn around the way the house feels. This is probably what the designers had in mind when filling this place with a colorful decor elements such as soft cushion on the floor, a small carpet and rural small containers. Because the white background, these items stand out and make a nice visual contrast. The living room, dining room and kitchen are connected not only physically, but also design-wise. We like how this house seemed to appreciate the pattern is decorated with fun, involving color and youthfulness. Inspiring Interior-Through
Inspiring Fresh home full color

Inspiring Fresh home full color

design Inspiring Fresh home full color

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