Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fun Sofa for Kids and Beautiful Chair for Adults

This Fun Sofa for Kids interesting furniture item is called Mussel Chair and was designed by Hanne Kortegaard with a multiple functionality. As it name suggests, it can serve as a comfortable chair for adults. But in the same time, kids can make the most of it by using it as a small bed, a sofa and even a miniature playground. Mussel Chair comes with a comfortably shaped pillow that can be a really handy item to have around, when watching TV on the floor or when needing a feet rest. We like to think of this product as one that can intermediate parents-children relationships, as this could be a fun “gathering place” for a child and one of his parents carrying an emotional value for both of them. On top of all this, its design is impeccable and makes it ideal for a modern interior with a personality design
Fun Sofa for Kids and Beautiful Chair for Adults
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