Friday, April 9, 2010

Paris Metro Architecture

Paris Metro Architecture
Built like the Crystal Palace of interchangeable, prefabricated cast iron and glass parts, Guimard created the métro system in opposition to the ruling taste of French classical culture ... Guimard system is developed, appeared overnight like the manifestation of the organic strength, the winding green cast-iron tentacles erupting from the subterranean labyrinth to support a variety of barriers, pergolas, maps, hooded light fittings and glass canopy. dragonfly's this wings' surrealistic "-to quote a contemporary critic-received a mixture, not to say chauvinistic, press, color verdigris iron their support because it is considered as a German than French. attempt imaginatively to create a myth of magic in terms of modern it must be complemented later by forms technical substance of the elevated section of the métro, built to the design of the architect Jean-Camille and engineer of Louis Formigé Biette.


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