Saturday, March 6, 2010

Feng Shui House Plans Ideas

Feng Shui plays an important role in applying the design application, as the furniture and decorative items used in the home directly or indirectly represent one of the five elements on which Feng Shui is based completely. Positioning of furniture in the appropriate designated place is really necessary so as to welcome the positive energy and remove all the negative and bad energies. Here are a few tips about positioning the furniture in the home and improving the living environment.Feng Shui House Plans Ideas
Flowing water is a great source of energy which represents wealth and prosperity as per Feng Shui. Hence keeping fountain or miniature waterfalls in the south-east direction can bring in lot of prosperity and wealth.
Placing Feng Shui paintings with red, gold or silver color being placed in the wealth corner of the house can help to enhance opulence.
Aquarium having fast swimming fishes is a great source of positive energy and represents affluence.
Fire represents fame and recognition and the color associated with fire is red and orange. So, placing any painting of red or orange on the south wall of your home brings in fame and recognition.Feng Shui House Plans Ideas
Green and earthy colors represent growth and wealth, hence placing paintings with green landscapes or earthy colors in the south east direction can help people to improve upon their fortune.
Clean and tidy table tops give a way to clear thinking, so people should try to keep their tables dirt free.
There should not be too much of furniture inside the rooms, as it blocks the flow of energy and creates negative vibrations. Only essential furniture in the room being placed at designated locations can help to attract positive energy inside the home.
Intellectual talks are always done on dining tables and as per Feng Shui; people should position their dining tables in the east direction.


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