Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Echo House Design

Echo House Design it is very fantastic design ever on house design concept,look at the diverse and breathtaking interior design. “Echo House” very coolEcho House Design Echo House Design comes from Kariouk Associates and is located in Ottawa, Canada. The architecture team’s challenge was to make a renovation of a 1924 Victorian building and integrate it in its environment. The exterior can remind one of two blended cubes, which makes for an original design. But to be honest, we took a strong liking in the home’s interior arrangements, as we noticed they are full of pleasant surprises. Books were an important factor that “modeled” the design. It can be easily observed that they are present in unconventional places. A special “book vault” was created in order to guard the hundreds of literary works. Tastefully and stylish, the place houses plenty of interesting decorative elements which we invite you to discover.


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