Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hang Around + Toss Around for Muuto

kibisi along with muuto have designed 'hang around and toss around',
a collection of kitchen utensils that combine form, function and craftsmanship.
the series will be previewed for the first time at maison et objet 2011.
the collection of simple wooden tools are precisely designed and crafted
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Apartment Therapy House Tours Design

Apartment Therapy House Tours Design
Apartment Therapy House Tours Design

While the district can often seem dark and sinister - especially in this time of year - Laura has successfully promoted an aura of light and tonic at home. The colors are cheerful. The lines are clean and neat design. It is a beautiful place!

Home Radiators as decor objects by Irsap

Home Radiators as decor objects by Irsap
It is art that warms you from the outside - tea strainer collection of decorative items such as radiators adds visual interest to your home when you create a comfortable environment. These radiators decor Irsap Italian company to make a great addition to the bathroom, bedroom, living room or any room in your house. Unlike other designer radiators out there, this design is not about to hide it is a radiator (you can tell it just by looking). Instead, it is more about beauty and the work by adding fashion. The tubes are aligned, and topped with an artistic element, like branches or bubbles. These radiators offer an industrial-chic-meets-modern art appeal, no doubt an interesting combination. Their contemporary style means they will always be an access point in your home, both in terms of temperature and appearance. Check them out by visiting Irsap.

Cool Lagoon Oasis Kitchen by Tiare Cowan

Cool Lagoon Oasis Kitchen by Tiare Cowan
Starring in this kitchen has a stove to the wall displaying a dynamic curved shapes to attract the eyes. None of the top stems of lily-shaped glass iridescent mosaic, framed by Palladio Green and black granite arches and topped by a curved glass. The rest of the kitchen has cherry nutmeg plenty of storage cabinetry and accessories, sitting on the floor of thin Travertine Navona.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Design Cabinet

Stainless steel kitchen design cabinet

This spacious kitchen has been done up in white with black breaking its monotony incessantly. The light hanging above adds coziness to the ambience while the small wooden plank serves as a place to dine for two. The stainless steel table top stretching across the kitchen gives the user lots of space to move. Although the photo above might be a little higher, stainless steel is almost obvious when it comes to kitchen appliances. Of course you have other options, but why not the conventional steel and stainless steel modern, refined and elegant?

Is always in fashion, and, nine times out of ten without any enclosure set decoration itself.

So what is it stainless steel that is so appealing?

First, is a sophisticated material. Oven, refrigerator, dishwasher and even, yes, the trash can enjoy a gleaning of sophistication when you choose to have stainless steel.

If you can get all the equipment - large and small - in stainless steel, your kitchen is a sleek, elegant uniform look to push.

Stainless steel is a clean look, one that makes the area look neat and organized so well. The clean lines and a reflective surface would be a most luxurious of all the house.

Although stainless steel appliances will stand out better than if you choose to hide, it makes a brave, beautiful shot. Stainless steel is the material brave designers who want to highlight their elegant style.

If you are looking for a way to make your kitchen a sophisticated style, timeless yet ultra-modern stainless steel is the way forward.

Cool Saarinen Womb chair and ottoman

Design Eero Saarinen, 1948

Eero Saarinen womb chair, 1948, exclusively for Knoll, displays of designer flair Finnish-born to challenge the rules, breaking patterns and new standards for modern design and comfort. With its polished chrome base and a frame on a fabric chair fiberglass shell is designed to facilitate a relaxed sitting position, providing emotional comfort and a sense of security - hence the name one of the modern furniture most famous "womb." the belly is a real chair you can curl up in

Cool Chair Furniture Design

Cool Chair Furniture Design
These all design are very cool,all design made from bike wheel

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